We are an ‘AI for Social Good’ startup, 51-100% of profits from commercial activities are used to fund water philanthropy
Our origins began in the spring of 2017, when DeepWaters AI co-founder Massoud Maqbool, realised that if we can use satellites to find water on other planets...then why don’t we use satellites to find water on Earth?...And why don’t we also use AI for higher accuracy?

Over 1 billion people, still do not have clean drinking water...on Earth...in the 21st century! This is not right.

After 2 years of researching the problem, in 2019, Massoud’s neural networks began scoring as high as 98% accuracy in finding groundwater (at a spatial resolution of 10 msq).

A few months later, in June 2019, DeepWaters AI was formally incorporated in London. One month later, DeepWaters AI was selected for a European Space Agency €60,000 Kickstart AI grant, to further develop our research into a commercial business.

Two months after that, we were accepted onto both Nvidia’s AI accelerator and Amazon Web Services, startup program, where we were awarded $100,000 AWS cloud credits.

We now had satellite, AI and high scale compute capacity... but still needed a way to create detailed maps. So we applied and were accepted onto Esri's startup program.

With all the pieces in place, we created a map of the Earth's underground drinking water and we launched SpaceWater AI a free underground water mapping service for water charities and non-profits.


Massoud Maqbool, CEO and Chief AI Officer, CoFounder

Has +20 years emerging technologies experience for tier 1 investment banks, insurance firms and big tech companies, across US, Europe and Asia. He has founded a number of startups including high performance/big data and AI consulting startups.

His research and analysis of the New York Stock Exchange’s flagship systems, led to him becoming an official whistleblower for the US Securities Exchange Commission.

Massoud spent over two years researching, analysing satellite data (NASA & ESA) and building AI models to find hidden water on Earth. This research was formally incorporated into DeepWaters AI.

Massoud has also guest lectured in AI and startups, at Imperial college, London, as part of his role as Chair of Students For AI.

Ahmed Maqbool, Chair, CoFounder

Has +30 years work experience for global communications service providers, including the world's first tech giant, Cable and Wireless. He has deployed communication systems across Europe, Asia and Africa.

Ahmed worked on the supersonic airliner Concorde in its early days. He was also responsible for vendor integration testing (including IBM) for the launch of the UK National Air Traffic Control Service.

Ahmed has worked at the edge of modern computing in large enterprises, moving from mainframe computing to personal computers.

Awarded a European Space Agency AI Kickstart contract
Supported by Esri, Nvidia and Amazon Web Services


Did you know...

Trillions of litres of water are leaked, every year...by many countries
...like the UK and USA!


We didn't know! So we’re also using our AI
to detect pipe leaks



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