Are you a charity or a non-profit?

We are neither. We decided the best way to create recurring income for charitable causes, was to create a strong commercial company and donate 51% of profits.

Can you prove it?

We offer free pilots to potential customers to prove our capability. You can also learn more about us on our European Space Agency project page (originally titled Floodly AI) here.

What is SpaceWater AI?

SpaceWater AI is a free scouting service for water charities, non-profits and any government that is providing free water services.

How will you make your profits?

From customers in developed countries.

Will you charge developing countries?

100% of profits from any developing country will be reinvested in that country. Likewise, any sustainability fees will be reinvested into local projects and local hires.

Awarded a European Space Agency AI Kickstart contract
Supported by Esri, Nvidia and Amazon Web Services

Did you know...

Trillions of litres of water are leaked, every year...by many countries
...like the UK and USA!

We didn't know! So we’re also using our AI
to detect pipe leaks

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