Pipe Leaks


Pipe Leaks- Water and more

Finding pipeleaks are similar to finding underground water, but as the amounts of water are significantly smaller, greater sensitivity is required. We calibrate our models based on each water pipe distribution network. Satellite based surveying of pipes allows companies to identify and quantify their biggest leaks.

By fixing the biggest leaks, first, water utilities can dramtically reduce their losses and maximise leak reduction per each repair.

Our solution can also be applied to wastewater, chemical and oil pipe leaks.


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Awarded a European Space Agency AI Kickstart contract
Supported by Esri, Nvidia and Amazon Web Services


Did you know...

Trillions of litres of water are leaked, every year...by many countries
...like the UK and USA!


We didn't know! So we’re also using our AI
to detect pipe leaks



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