There’s no single one reason for why...

At its most fundamental, water is equal to life.

Yet more than 10% of humans do not have access to clean drinking water... a fundamental necessity of life.

...But we live in the era of skyscrapers, planes and space adventures. We’ve even sent water into space.

...But on this planet, Earth, we have children, women, men who die because of a lack of access to clean drinking water.

This unfairness, is why.

We realised we’re sending satellites to look for water on other planets, but why aren’t we doing the same for Earth?

So we spent 3 years researching the use of NASA/ESA satellites and machine learning/artificial intelligence. Some of our best models scored up to 98%.

The European Space Agency (ESA) awarded us a contract to commercialise our AI research.

We built a map of the world’s underground drinking water. We will be providing free access to water charities and non-profits.

AI is only part of the solution. Money is required to dig wells. So we will be donating 51% of profits to dig for wells and improve access to water.

As part of our European Space Agency research, we investigated what other areas might benefit from our solution and started researching if water pipe leaks in developed countries was a problem.

We could not believe the numbers. They were in the hundreds of millions of litres of water, per day, per company! Collectively water utilities were leaking billions of litres of water every day and trillions annually.

The leak numbers are outrageous.

We struggle to comprehend, how so much water is wasted, when so many, many people don’t have.

This waste, is why.

Awarded a European Space Agency AI Kickstart contract
Supported by Esri, Nvidia and Amazon Web Services

Did you know...

Trillions of litres of water are leaked, every year...by many countries
...like the UK and USA!

We didn't know! So we’re also using our AI
to detect pipe leaks

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